In order to respond to your request, we are challenged extensively to work on space development and space business. Particularly, the following businesses can make the most of our staff's competence.
Java Programming
Web Application Development
Fortran Programming
Development example
Tracking Control System for Satellite
Mission Instrument Operation Planning System for Earth Observation Satellite
Behavior Prediction System for a Closed System (Closed Ecoligical Life Support System [CELSS] for Lunar & Mars Base)
Numerical fluid analysis programming, etc.
Support for Developing On-board Equipment for Satellite
Support for Evaluating Initial Operation of Ground System for Earth Observation Satellite
Building of Environment for Grid Computing, etc.
Social Networking Service for Space-Related People (SPASE SNS)
Space-related Goods Online Shop
Translation Service Specialized in Space (English-Japanese and Japanese-English translations)
Recruiting and Temporary Staffing Service Specialized in Space-related Business
Office of Manned Rocket Project, Incorporated Nonprofit Organization
Creation of homepage, Flash and WEB 3D
Creation of brochure, poster and tapestry
Service using GeoInformatics