"Space Systems Development Corporation" is a company that aggressively works on the exploitation of space development and space business in order to play a role in building a "BRIDGE" between Earth and space.

President Message
Since Apollo 11 accomplished the first manned lunar landing in history, science and technology have shown further progress together with the excellent progress of space technology. On the other hand, however, human beings have not landed on the moon since then. The 21st century world we dreamed of in the 20th century is unlikely to realize anything at all in the aspect of space development.

Therefore, our generation can be regarded as having been given a chance for realization. The dream, the romance, the mystery and the unexploited world are extended in space. Because the recent tendency of children to dislike science is becoming a serious problem, I consider that space development should be emphasized in order to prevent such a phenomenon.

In order to promote and support space development and space business in various aspects, various members who are interested in space have gathered at our company. We contribute to space development which is promoted by the nation and, at the same time, we aim to exploit private space business. We are particularly focusing on manned space technology and the Manned Rocket Project, Incorporated Nonprofit Organization, gathering colleagues who aim to develop a manned spaceship and to realize space travel. We are also promoting activities to extend space development by cooperating with this organization.

Playing a role in space development and space business, we always make every effort to contribute to society through the business. Our SSD, which challenges unlimited possibility, is confident about fulfilling your expectations.

Tomofumi Hirosaki
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